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The Weird and Wonderful of Seattle at Your Fingertips

Looking for a play about the timeless feud between Robots and Werewolves? How about a Burlesque show that ruins your childhood? A Cabaret where Stand Up Comedians become Drag Queens?

You've come to the right place.

Curated by Draglesque Performer and Producer of Wholesome Transsexual Fun, Anya Knees, Anya's List is where you'll find the queerest and most spectacular fringe theatre Seattle has to offer.

Whether you're looking to make your trip to Seattle memorable, or you've lived here for years and want to see something new,

Anya's got you covered.

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Immerse Yourself


18th & Union
February 21st--March 14th
Tickets: $15--$28

Based on the iconic novel by George Orwell, 1984 is the story of Winston Smith, an insignificant party member in the giant machine state of Oceania. Physically and mentally under the omnipresent eye of Big Brother, Winston has been caught struggling for scraps of love and freedom in a world awash with distrust and violence. With the brutal "assistance" of four Party Members who reenact scenes from his diary, Winston is forced to confess his Thoughtcrimes before an unseen inquisitor.

One Horse Town

Annex Theatre
April 3rd--May 2nd
Tickets: $10--$40

After the apocalypse, a trio of queer ranchers are protecting the last horse on earth from a group of starving runaways, who are trying their best not to become cannibals. All of them, ranchers and runaways alike, struggle to remember what makes them human in a world urging them to forget their compassion and their sanity. A dystopian drama by Minna Lee (The Devil and Sarah Blackwater, Rovers!), directed by Grace Carmack (Silhouette, Puny Humans) helm an ensemble in a story about survival and transformation.


Reboot Theatre Presents: Cabaret

Come witness the seduction and danger of Kander and Ebb's delectable masterpiece CABARET! Have a drink and relax at the Kit Kat Klub, the hub of culture and sex in the waning days of Weimar Germany, a cultural renaissance that inspired and tantalized artists of all stripes across Europe. Meet Sally Bowles, a wannabe starlet caught between the roaring train of oncoming fascism and the desire to be known. What would you do?

In association with Theatre Off Jackson, the award-winning Reboot Theatre Company promises a night of jazz and spectacle with a Reboot twist, with Artistic Director Jasmine Joshua at the helm, music direction by Josh Anderson, choreography by Mackenzie Malhotra, and featuring Seattle klezmer band The Debaucherauntes.

Michelle Blackmon she/her (Schneider)
Alexei Cifrese she/her/he/him (Kost)
Ellen Dessler Smith she/her (Schultz)
Seth Lifland he/him (Ernst)
Vincent Milay he/him (Cliff)
Heather Refvem she/her (Sally)
Mandy Rose Nichøls they/them(Emcee)

Kit Kat Dancers:
Viviana Garza she/her
Sara Geiger she/her/they/them
Sara Henley-Hicks they/them
Cammi Smith she/her
MJ Smith he/him



Let Yourself be Tantalized


Friday the 13th: Part 69

March 13th


New Decade Who Dis

March 14th

Food Porn

March 21st

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: A Literary Burlesque

March 27th & 28th


Eccentric Ecdysiasts: Neurodivergents Converge!

April 4th

From the Transsexual who brought you the Ah, Yes, The Two Genders series, comes an all-new exercise in general buffoonery! 

2 Stand-Up Comics, 2 Burlesque Dancers, 2 Drag Queens/Kings, 2 Sketch Comics, 2 Improv-ers, and 2 Slam Poets are randomly assigned each other's art, get one month to prepare, then sink or swim in this exciting (for you) and terrifying (for them) show. We can't tell you what will happen on that stage, except that 

This Will Probably Not Suck!

Second Show coming May 1st!

Produced by Anya Knees


Drag, Burlesque, Variety
Pick Your Pleasure

Reoccurring Shows


Mimosa's Cabaret: Illegally Blonde

The Unicorn/Narwhal
Sundays @ 1pm
Tickets: $25

Do you feel comfortable using legal jargon in everyday life? We sure do, which is why we are opening 2020 with our newest mini musical production "Illegally Blonde". Come see Elle as she chases love by getting into Harvard Law School...what, like it's hard? You can't miss this hilarious, high energy dance show complete with more quick changes than we've ever done at Mimosas Cabaret. This show will have you screaming Oh My God, Oh My God You Guys. 

Let the cast of Mimosas Cabaret take you on a hysterical journey of fun and laughter. It's comedy, lip-sync, live singing, performance art, audience participation, great food, fabulous drinks and fierce entertainers all rolled up into one epic show!

When Jonelle Dinklebreeze is forced to return to her hometown of Pippistrellus on a mission to retrieve the Soulstone, she stumbles upon a side quest that turns her whole world upside-down: all the children have gone missing! Kidnapped by those fiendish vampires, no doubt! Now, she must team up with her estranged sister, gather three party members, and save the missing children. But surprises lurk at every turn in the Neverwood...
A choose-your-own-adventure style comedy complete with pole dancing, puzzle solving, and a reoccurring McRib joke, The Vampires of the Neverwood delivers an unforgettable D and D adventure sure to raise the steaks for your Halloween.
It's also super gay.

Coming Soon to Annex Theatre, October 2020

Written and Devised by Butch Alice and Anya Knees


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